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Not finding a reprieve from your recurring spinal problems? Healing Hands Chiropractic will give you the right chiropractic care you need to enhance your body’s inherent healing capacity.

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Chiropractic care for your well-being

Physical stress such as slips and falls, accidents, repetitive motions, or improper lifting can cause subluxations along your spinal column. Subluxations can also occur due to emotional or chemical stress.


Improper motion or position of the moving bones in the spine may interfere with nervous system functioning. We’ll provide you with precise chiropractic adjustments to improve the communication channels between your mind and body.

Our experienced chiropractor will give you the care you need to reduce the interferences that may be preventing your body from healing itself.


You’ll be glad to know that we accept insurance plans. We’re a family-owned and operated business in Clark, NJ that provides chiropractic care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our practice serves patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly.

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